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Café culture coming to Edinburgh’s Princes Street

Danish architect Jan Gehls radical vision for Edinburgh city centre. Picture: Complimentary

Café culture coming to Edinburgh’s Princes Street 

Scotsman May 13th

 City Centre Review -Plans would see Edinburgh City Centre transformed with the widening of Princes Street and granting of licences for retail units to become food and drink outlets. The vision for the improvements brought comment from Living Streets Edinburgh :

These comments are on behalf of Living Streets Edinburgh and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss detailed plans, on behalf of all pedestrians who use the city centre.

  • The key activity is to accelerate provision of mixed use on both streets, especially Princes Street, so that the area remains vibrant when shops have closed.
  • A management strategy should be developed to maximise use of the public space, including during the evening after shops have closed, that will be created, through for example cafes and street markets
  • Speed, of all traffic, should be limited, similar to that of buses, to 20mph on Princes and George Street and interconnecting streets.
  • Greater space for pedestrians on South side should be included in the plans- congestion at bus stops where available footway is too narrow
  • Event space should ensure that pedestrian flow is maintained
  • Guardrail should not be used for new work and existing guardrail will be removed wherever possible. Guardrail should only be retained where there is clear evidence in support of its safety benefit.
  • Level crossing surfaces will be provided for pedestrians at junctions.
  • Pedestrian space at junctions and signal timings need to reflect the high demand from pedestrians and ensure that local bus flow is maintained
  • Consideration given to moving long distance buses to Queen Street to reduce the pressure on George and Princes Street
  • Advanced Stop Lines at all junctions for cyclists
  • Interchange at Waverley with bus and tram to be improved
  • The dedicated cycle route on George Street has to be segregated from the pedestrian space, given likely demand from both users.
  • We have some concerns about the impact of having no cycling East bound on Princes Street- particularly whether it will lead to illegal pavement cycling along Princes St for people reaching destinations on Princes Street.

In conclusion, we would highlight that it will be critical to reduce parking on George Street to make the proposals a success and that this will create a more pleasant space that supports jobs in the local economy.


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